Electrical Cable Storage Rack

Electrical Wire Rack


Cable wiring is an essential process that is used extensively throughout mining operations and is particularly common in fixed plant and underground settings. Cables vary in size and weight, and larger cables can weigh upwards of 80kg. This poses a serious injury-risk for any workers who need to lift and handle the cables manually, a risk that could be mitigated somewhat with a purpose designed electrical wire rack.

Another issue to consider is the storage method of these cables. Many sites opt to use wooden crates or pallets that are often spread out over a large area. This is an inefficient and potentially unsafe practice and is one reason why a valued client got in touch with us and asked our team of Bend-tech Defence consultants for advice.


Production Drawing Snapshot

Production Drawing Snapshot

The goal was to design and create a storage solution which would not only eliminate the need for unnecessary manual labour, but also keep the cables stored safely in a tidy and organised manner.

After an interesting and productive design process, our engineers came up with the perfect cable storage solution. An electrical wire rack that solves all the issues. Storage is handled efficiently, and the need for excessive manual interaction is removed.

The unique electrical wire rack that they created is constructed in 12 separate segments.

6 upper ones on the top horizontal bar with a weight load limit (WLL) of 300kg.

6 lower ones on the bottom bar with a WLL of 600kg.

Each individual segment can hold 1 large, or 2 small to medium-sized cables. The segments are designed to be lifted off the rack by a forklift, thus eliminating the need for manual labour. The whole rack also comes with forklift slots for added ease of movement and use.

We are proud to say that our first electrical wire reel rack design was constructed and delivered to the clients’ site on-time and within budget.

Due to its efficiency and excellent safety considerations, many sites throughout Western Australia are now choosing to adopt our unique electrical wire rack.

This is one highly-effective way that they can ensure the safety of labourers and other site personnel. As a bonus feature, they also see a major increase in their site’s organisation and efficiency.

At Bend-tech Defence all our storage racks, including our electrical wire reel racks, can be modified to suit your specific requirements. Our design engineers will work closely with you and your staff to ensure the desired result is achieved every time. Once complete they are certified and fully compliant with all relevant Australian Standards.


Our first cable rack design was constructed and delivered to site on-time and on-budget.

Many sites throughout Western Australia are choosing to adopt our cable rack to ensure the safety of labourers and other site personnel and enhance organisation and efficiency.

Storage racks such as these can be modified to suit your specific requirements and are certified and compliant with the relevant Australian Standards.

Electrical Cable Storage Rack