Tool Box 1750mm x 900mm

Metal Tool Box – Storage Containers

Tool Box 1295mm x 1200mmTool Box
1295mm x 1200mm

Part: 5500903

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Tool Box 1550mm x 900mmTool Box
1550mm x 900mm

Part: 5501068

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Tool Box 1667mm x 1067mmTool Box
1667mm x 1067mm

Part: 5501445

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Tool Box 1750mm x 900mmTool Box
1750mm x 900mm

Part: 5500957

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G.E.T BinG.E.T Bin

Part: 5000096

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Specialised Tool box With DrawerSpecialised Tool box
With Drawer

Part: 5501871

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Specialised Front Access Tool BoxSpecialised Front Access Tool Box

Part: 5501946

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Rated Lifting and Transport Box 2 TonneRated Lifting and Transport Box
2 Tonne

Part: 5503167

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Rated Service Work BenchRated Service Work Bench

Part: 5503300

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Epiroc D65 Clamp Storage ToolboxEpiroc D65
Clamp Storage Toolbox

Part: 5504044

Rag and Oil Soak Bin
Rag and Oil Soak Bin

Part: 5502328

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GET Bin 2400mm x 1200mm
2400mm x 1200mm

Part: 5503151

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Aluminum Oil TrolleyAluminium Oil Trolley

Part: 5503434

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Transport BoxesTransport Boxes

Part: 5503054

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5 Tonne Crane Bin5 Tonne Crane Bin

Part: 5500970

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Bend-tech Defence consists of the most experienced, passionate professionals in their fields. Our engineers have created a series of tool storage solutions to fulfil every conceivable job requirement.  From start to finish, no detail is considered too small or insignificant. The result of such a focused process is a wide range of the most durable, practical tool storage solutions available anywhere. If you are looking for anything from a metal tool box, to a 5 ton storage bin, you can rely on Bend-tech Defence to deliver.

A Wide Range of Storage Solutions

Bend-tech Defence offer a wide range of storage solutions that are purpose designed for use in the harshest of environments. Heavy industrial environments, such as the mining and defence sectors, require the best heavy duty storage solutions that Australia can offer and Bend-tech Defence can fulfill this essential requirement. Each and every metal tool box we design and engineer is constructed to the highest possible standards using the most durable materials available. If you have a metal tool box requirement and only the best will do, look no further than Bend-tech Defence.

Safety at Work

As in any workplace, employee and visitor safety is of paramount importance. As a matter of course all our products are rigorously tested time and again before release and are subsequently monitored and assessed performing in the field. User safety sits firmly at the top of the list of requirements and is central to everything we do. We consistently go the extra mile to ensure the safety of all those who come into contact with our industrial equipment, from a metal tool box to access equipment, at every stage of its lifetime of usage

Custom Designed Storage Solutions

If you are unable to find the exact metal tool box here that meets your requirements then please get in touch with us. One of our design engineers will discuss your particular needs with you and work closely with you and your staff to construct a bespoke storage solution that suits your needs more precisely. Our team of engineers have years of experience in customising our products for specific applications and are usually able to fulfill the vast majority of modification requests within a normal timeframe.

As with all our products, your custom storage solution will be fully certified, and meet all the required Australian standards. If you need a metal tool box for an unusual item, or one with extreme, or very precise measurements then Bend-tech Defence are the only engineering company you need to speak to.

Designed for Performance

All our heavy-duty storage containers are made to perform consistently at the highest, most intense levels regardless of the workload, or the harshness of their operating environment. After more than 30 years of providing the most advanced metal tool box storage solutions for all kinds of industrial challenges and problems, we are confident that our products can hold their own against any and all comers in the world’s most demanding industries.

Get in touch

If you have any questions regarding our metal tool box storage solutions or would like to discuss customisation options, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and an engineer will be able to guide you through the available options. If you can see the metal tool box you need detailed on our page, please follow the ‘Get a Price’ tab and fill in the required fields and one of our engineers will reply as quickly as possible.