Wharf Access Cantilever Platform

A platform designed and engineered for safe access to wharfs. Certified and compliant with Australian Standards.

With a non-slip grating deck, heavy duty steel construction, stanchion-type handrails and a self-closing gate, our cantilever wharf platform provides sure footing for wharf access in all weather conditions. A hot-dip galvanised finish protects the steel from corrosion and ensures this platform will remain in serviceable condition for many years.

Part: 5504347

  • Description

    Product Description

    Heavy-duty steel construction

    WLL: 250kg

    Non-slip grating deck

    Self-closing gate

    Stanchion type handrailing

    Hot-dip galvanised

    Wharf Access Cantilever Platform

    Our wharf platforms are designed and manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards and are suitable for use in all sea defence applications. This particular platform measures 1500 mm by 1500mm and weighs 250 kg but if you require a wharf platform built to a different size or weight, our team can design and engineer it for you. We provide a full custom design and fabrication service to defence industry clients and can prepare a firm quotation on request. Please complete and submit the enquiry form if you’d like us to call you.

    Bend Tech has a long history in the design and manufacture of access platforms for the mining and defence industries, and we are committed to ensuring that every platform we supply is fabricated to the highest standards. For stable, durable wharf platforms that you can rely on in all locations and conditions, contact us now to discuss your needs.

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