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We pride ourselves on designing and engineering the toughest, most reliable high-tech equipment that will perform consistently in even the harshest of conditions or locations. While operating in some of the most demanding defence and heavy-industrial environments imaginable, even durable, high-level equipment needs to be inspected, maintained regularly, and upgraded when necessary. When you procure advanced equipment from Bend-tech Defence you not only receive the highest quality tools and equipment available anywhere, that fully conform to all the relevant Australian Standards, but also the full backing and technical assistance of our through life support services team.

Comprehensive through life support

At Bend-tech Defence we are all too aware that even rugged, state-of-the-art equipment can become an ineffective liability if it ceases to function with 100% accuracy and efficiency. This is commonplace when operating under incredible duress in some of the most demanding situations and is something we take very seriously at Bend-tech Defence.

Without the appropriate through life support systems in place, any loss of efficiency or flaw in performance can compromise the whole operation, its output, and more importantly its safety. That is why you will find no more organised, thorough after-market through life support anywhere, and can rely on Bend-tech Defence to deal with all the required operational support.

Performance, efficiency, and versatility guaranteed

Our aim is to ensure the continuing smooth, efficient performance of the equipment and our through lifesupport service includes the ability to make any bespoke modifications that might be required when circumstances or operating requirements change.

Bend-tech Defence’s main objective is always to provide the highest quality, most practical equipment for the job at hand and enable our clients to achieve and sustain maximum capability and flawless performance thereafter. This is achieved with a comprehensive through life support system that analyses and optimises all aspects of the equipment as it functions and reacts quickly and effectively to implement any necessary repairs, maintenance or upgrades.

Maximum safety and extended equipment life

We are constantly aware of the cost-effectiveness of all our defence and heavy-industrial solutions and we work hard to extend the life of our equipment once it is in situ and operational with our through life-support system. This includes the management of spares and replacements for perishable parts and those where obsolescence becomes an issue over time.

Our through life support services team will repair and maintain equipment and train staff in the use of any new functions or features. We always have one eye very firmly on safety and ensure that all users are aware of any potential health and safety risks before working with an item of equipment that is new or has been modified in any way.

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If you would like to discuss a custom design engineering project with an experienced member of our defence industry team, place an order, or have any other questions or comments about our through life support solutions or other services, please contact us by phone or email, or use the contact form on our website.

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