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Work Stands and Work Trestles

Our work stands and work trestles are designed to safely support heavy loads in a wide variety of conditions. Manufactured to precise tolerances from heavy duty steel, they comply with Australian Standards and feature safety yellow finishes for enhanced visibility in low light conditions. Our work trestles have safe working loads of 2 tonnes to 10 tonnes and have been fully tested and certified. Our fixed and adjustable work stands support weights from 3 tonnes to 270 tonnes and have also been extensively tested and certified. They come with lifting lugs and fork lift slots to facilitate relocation.

Work Trestles for Maintenance in All Environments

Whether you’re servicing equipment in the field or in a workshop, our work trestles are designed to ensure you can carry out all necessary tasks safely and efficiently. Heavy duty steel construction ensures they are capable of providing the support you need for as long as necessary and high quality paint finishes enhance durability in all conditions. For maintenance support solutions that do exactly what you need for as long as you need, Bend Tech work trestles are the obvious choice.

If you are looking for a work trestle that is designed to support a heavier load than is featured on our website or a trestle of different dimensions, please contact us to discuss your requirements: we can design and manufacture products to suit your custom specifications.

Work Stands and Work Trestles Supplier to the Defence Industry

We supply air, sea and land defence organisations across Australia and are familiar with the requirements of military maintenance personnel. Whatever your requirements and wherever you are stationed, you can rely on Bend Tech to provide you with first-class solutions that meet all of your expectations. Call or email us now for further information on any of the products in this range.