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Bend Tech receive a range of various request for bending. We have provided this form to help streamline the kind of questions we would ask so that we can best help you achieve the results you require.

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What makes Bend-Tech different?

We do things a little differently, here’s a quick overview of just a few of Bend Tech Group’s opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you come to site to view our plant and machinery?

Yes, we can. We will come to your site for free to review your plant and machinery equipment.

Do you supply Australia wide?

Yes. We can supply your manufactured goods to you Australia wide anytime you need to — no questions asked.

Can you fabricate in stainless steel or other exotic metals?

Yes can, we can fabricate in all exotic metals such as Aluminum, stainless steel. We have an MIG and TIG welding facility onsite for your project.

Do you supply Internationally?

Yes. We can supply your manufactured goods to your countrywide anytime you need to.

 Can you do non-trade works?

We generally don’t support smaller jobs due to the set up costs it commonly quite high making the price point un-affordable.