Defence Equipment Supplier



We come to you and visit your site to get a hands-on feel for your project. The aim of our consultation is to listen to and understand your requirements. If the project requires it, our 3D scanning capabilities will streamline measurement and data capture. This approach allows us to develop and discuss with you on-site, possible solutions to your problem, and the benefits we can offer.


After the consultation we go back to our design team to begin the development of your custom solution. Our team produce designs in CAD Design complete with all drafting documentation ensuring an advanced manufacturing process. Our process allows and encourages you to be involved in the design stage and collaborate with our highly skilled team.


Once the design is approved, we begin the development and engineering process. This ensures that the right material is used for your project to guarantee structural and functional integrity. We provide full certification that includes WLL, load ratings, integrity reports as well as certificate plates and identifications. We design and engineer all our solutions to ensure full compliance with Australian standards.


Finally, once the project is ready and certified for construction, we manufacture your solution. We test, machine, fabricate and surface treat as well as trial fit your custom project. We only manufacture high quality products that provide long lasting, safe and efficient solutions.