Tool Box for 793F Tray Lift

An exercise in collaboration

Our CDEC Process of Consultation, Design, Engineering and Construction services was implemented for this project. See how the project turned out to be.

  • Tool box Items
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The Challenge

A major iron ore company located in the Pilbara had a fleet of 793F trucks. During the maintenance of these, the haul trays needed lifting which was done using special equipment. This equipment needed to be organized and stored safely whilst not in use. Prior to Bend-tech visiting site, the equipment was stored in a container that made it difficult for the client to find what they were looking for. The types of pieces of equipment that required effective storage were:

10kg D shackles
30kg O-Rings
15kg O-Rings

The Consultation

A Bend-tech consultant went to site to discuss ideas and possible solutions for this issue. The client required a tool box that was very heavy duty and enabled them to find the equipment quickly and easily..


The Design

With this in mind, a heavy duty toolbox was designed with compartments for different tools. A foam insert was included in the design, for the smaller equipment parts. Below is one of the initial designs drawn on site, for the solution Bend-tech and the client were working towards.

  • Tool Box chook scratchings 696x563
  • Specialised-Tool-Box-1200mm-x-1200mm-DRW1

Following this, the design was drawn up with a 3d render and submitted to the client for approval. Once approved, this project was placed into engineering.

BT01402 Toolbox for 793F Tray Lifting Kit

The Engineering

The design was analysed by an engineer and found to meet Australian standards. During this phase, the tool box design underwent a finite element analysis which is a computerized method that predicts how a product reacts to physical forces such as vibration and heat. Specifically tested was safe working load limits.

The Outcome

Following engineering, the toolbox was placed into production. This customized toolbox was completed in the requested timeframe to accommodate a scheduled maintenance service.